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LabelHub enables easy re-ordering

We find Labelhub on the Screen both at LabelExpo, and for a good reason. Labelhub was shortly after its first release ...

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How to Automate Prepress to Improve Label Printing Workflows

In an increasingly competitive market and with a growing demand to deliver faster, label converters across the globe have started to recognize the urgency ...


Automatisierung verbessert die Etikettenverwaltung

Wenn Sie eine Etikettendruckerei betreiben, kennen Sie die Kopfschmerzen, die es bereitet, PDF-Dateien von Kunden druckfertig zu machen. In der Tat kann die ...

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Interket steigert Produktivität dank CERM-LabelHub-Integration

Interket ist eine Label-Gruppe mit Präsenz in ganz Europa, darunter in Deutschland, den Niederlanden, Schweden, Großbritannien und Frankreich ...

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Interket has installed the new CERM and LabelHub software

Interket has installed the new CERM and LabelHub software integration to automate its prepress workflow ...

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Software tools and efficient workflow systems are essential to get the most of any digital printing investment ...

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New CERM-LabelHub partner integration at the core of prepress workflow automation at Interket

nterket is one of Europe’s leading label groups with a presence across Europe including Germany, The Netherlands ...

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Presenting our new and game changing CERM–LabelHub integration

Speed, cost, quality, flexibility – label manufacturers grapple with many challenges today ...

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LabelHub is now officially partnering with CERM

LabelHub is cloud-based Software as a Service on a monthly subscription. LabelHub is an online platform tailored specifically for Digital Label Manufactures to increase ...

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How to improve label management and ordering

If you run a label printing business, you are well acquainted with the headache of getting client PDF files print-ready…

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LabelHub - Xeikon Café 2022

We follow up on Peter Vogt, the CEO & founder of Labelhub. We find out that the cloud-based online platform is tailored specifically for digital label PSPs, helps to increase overall productivity ...

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Prepress automation

Prepress automation & customer web portal for digital label manufacturers. Automated preflight and step & repeat, allowing you to handle more artwork files, fast ...

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LabelHub SaaS Solution for Labels

Three years ago, CEO and Founder Peter Vogt took the chance and established his company LabelHub. In this interview, Peter Vogt tells about the journey identifying the need for easy re-ordering of labels ...

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Intelligenter arbeiten mit LabelHub

Das Unternehmen der Optimum Group nutzt LabelHub zur Verwaltung aller digitalen Etikettenvorlagen und spart damit wertvolle Zeit und Ressourcen für sich und seine Kunden.

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FlexoPrint invests in LabelHub automatic prepress

Optimum Group company FlexoPrint has invested in LabelHub to manage its digital label artwork, saving valuable time and resources for both themselves and customers.

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FlexoPrint automates pre-press with LabelHub

Danish converter FlexoPrint is using LabelHub to manage all of its digital label artwork, saving time and resources for the company and its customers.

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FlexoPrint Works Smarter With LabelHub

Our customers send proofed artwork, we upload it to the system, and are ready to print in just 5 minutes. That saves valuable time and resources for all parties involved,” Lars Ole Nauta continues.

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FlexoPrint Works Smarter With LabelHub

When we first invested in digital equipment, I was focused on two things. 1. I didn’t want to hire a graphic designer, and 2. I wanted a fully automatic process from artwork to print. LabelHub has ensured both,” says Lars Ole Nauta, CEO of FlexoPrint & Optimum Group Nordic

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